Breakfasts that make you want to come in early.

We're committed to improving the lives of our customers, by creating and serving fresh, healthy, affordable food. Proudly local, we bring a friendly and professional atmosphere for the guests in all of our cafeterias and cafés. Corporate Classics' aim is to make the world a happier and healthier place though good food.


Grown from a love of sharing good food

Corporate Classics started more than 30 years ago, when owner Habiba Teja began catering for her first customer in Richmond. Word spread about the quality of the food, and Corporate Classics Caterers became synonymous with good service. Since then we’ve been proud to have been named the “best cafeteria provider in Vancouver” by both the Vancouver Sun and BC Business Magazine. Today our food philosophy remains the same; use the best possible ingredients, make guests feel welcome, and share good food.


Our Team

Our employees are committed to providing diverse and delicious options customized to our clients’ tastes and needs. Our chefs are innovative and enthusiastic about creating unique meals, each facility has a customized menu that is tailored to the Client's tastes. Our servers and baristas are friendly and dedicated to creating an atmosphere of warmth and efficiency in both our facilities and in your catered meetings.

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